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We can lower your Property Taxes.

Whether you have requested a lower assessed value and were denied, or you are looking for your first appeal decision, we can help you every step of the way, risk-free.

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We do our best to be available whenever our clients need us. Feel free to call any time, and we will be happy to speak to you.

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We look forward to learning details of your business, whether you are an owner-occupant or a landlord, we can help.

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We’ll take care of your appeal decision from start-to-finish, so you can get back to focusing on your business operations.

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We use a full contingency fee structures that is a win-win for the client. If we are not successful in obtaining a reduction of your assessment, the client owes nothing. It’s that simple.

Here’s what clients are saying.

Here’s what clients are saying.


You own a property but are struggling to remain competitive with your pricing because your expenses are rising.

You do not own the building you occupy but are responsible for covering a pro-rated portion of the property taxes; a reduction in property taxes directly affects your expenses.

You filed an appeal but were denied; if you have recently received notification that your appeal was denied, there are still options toward a reduction that can be pursued.

We can help.

Our Approach

Catalyst Property Tax is composed of professionals who live and work in the markets we represent. Trust a Colorado company with knowledge of the local markets to represent your Colorado properties.